Showreel (2012-2018)

    I am very excited to present you my brand new showreel. The montage contains my favourite shots from the projects in which I participated in the period from 2012 to 2018. All these gathered images recall so many wonderful memories. I hope you will like the end result. Enjoy!

Chilè – Rhythm of Joy

    I’m very happy to present you my brand new videoclip for the Chilè band again this time for their latest single “Rhythm of Joy”. The video was recorded at Londons Chinatown. Big shout out to wonderful dancers from London Contemporary Dance School who agreed to perform in the clip! I love shooting at night and working with neon lights. I hope you will like the outcome. Enjoy!

Chilè – The Rules

    My next music video finally came out. This one was made for the song called "The Rules" by the Chilè band. It was a very random and minimalistic project entire video was shot in my grungy back yard and shows a very weird barbecue party. It is the first video i made with my brand new camera Sony a6500. We had a lot of fun making it and i hope so will you watching it. Enjoy!

Polaroids from Verona

Polaroids from Tenerife

Victoria Celestine – Carrying On

    Finally, after many months of waiting, my next video came out. This one was made for the "Carrying on" a new single dropped by a wonderful American singer Victoria Celestine. It was a very spontaneous collaboration based on improvisation. Shooting lasted only one day an the entire video was shot on the streets of London. We spent a wonderful time and I am looking forward to future projects with Victoria. Enjoy!

Chilè – Because of Weather

    Today I would like to present you the next music video to the song "Because of Weather " by the Chilè band. It is the second single from forthcoming EP "Pleasure in Tears". The video was shot on a beautiful beach and magical pier in Brighton. It was quite a difficult task. On site we were greeted by a typical English weather. Sea breeze constantly flooded my camera lens leaving it soaking wet. In mid-day shooting one of the shift knobs refused to function. We had to take shelter in a nearby cafe and let the camera dry while drinking latte and praying for the success of the mission. Fortunately for us, the camera came back to life so we could continue. This time, instead of the band members on the screen you are going to meet two amazing actors: Pola Kempa and Milo Vellere!

Chilè – Every Outline

    I am more than happy to present you one of the latest videos i was working on recently. A music video to the song "Every Outline" by the Chilè band which is the first single from forthcoming EP "Pleasure in Tears". The video was shot in London mostly in the Holland park. I used a bunch of old analog lenses to create a vintage atmosphere and give it more retro aesthetics. I was also playing with some body painting green screen effect, hunting for snails and injecting ink into the goldfish aquarium. Good times!

8 Polaroids from London

Hello Everyone!

    I have the honour to welcome you to my newly created photo blog. The place where i will be sharing with you some of my everyday pictures mostly Polaroids because it is my favourite format and I am literally in love with it. From time to time i will be posting some of the latest news from my video production projects.

    Recently, I took my Polaroid for a little walk. My plan was to spend one film pack to take 8 portraits of a random people from the streets of London. It was not a very easy task at the beginning but after several tries and figuring out how convince people that Im not selling anything and Im not begging for a spare change i finally achieved my goal. Results bellow: