Chilè – Au Petit Déjeuner

    I’m happy to present another project i did with the Chilè band. The music video was created for the brand new single called “Au Petit Déjeuner” which in English stands for “What did you have for breakfast?” It is a song about a typical wild night out in Paris that often ends up with a breakfast. I decided to use a very minimalistic “one light” technique and the entire video was shot in one location. I had a fantastic time working on this project!

Special thanks to our great cast:

  • Leonardo Sanchioni
  • Martino Chiodi
  • Amy Woodroffe / Explicare
  • Joseph Simpson-Bushell
  • Magdalena Milek
  • STYLING: Katarzyna Łęczycka

More videos with Chilè coming soon! Stay Tuned!