I am a London based videographer specialising in both shooting and post production. I have had many years of professional experience in making music videos, event documentaries, commercials, youtube content and films. My main field of interest is in video production, however I am also involved in photography and graphic design. In the past I have worked on photoshoots, product photography, logo design and music album covers. Whilst I am experienced in digital photography, I am deeply interested in analog photography, particularly in regard to polaroids.

    Creating images has been a passion of mine, and a part of my life, since my early childhood. In my younger years, I would draw and paint. My first achievement was to design a logo for my primary school which is still in use to this present day. This artistic inclination was as important in my everyday life as it was in my education. I can recall that throughout my formative years I dreamt of owning my own camera. It was during this time I would borrow by parents analog, honing my skills as a photographer whilst simultaneously wasting precious films rolls intended for holiday pictures!

    It was in middle schooI that I took my first steps into my film making adventure. My path began when I recorded a school performance; this, in turn, lead to my colleagues and I forming a film crew. During this time, we enjoyed shooting many ‘action movies’ using our oldschool VHS camera. It was in high school when I grew more serious about film making as a pursuit. I co-founded the first student television in the history of the school which has continued to run even in my absence. Furthermore, I worked for the cultural centre in my home town in which I recorded both concerts and interviews. My professional career began after I graduated from high school. It was at this point that I started studying the management of commercial activities and multimedia. Alongside this I was also doing my first gigs, music videos, promos and event documentaries. I was, additionally, painting bespoke graffiti- That, however, is a whole different story!

    Myself and my friend, Mateusz Stanislawczyk, created a film production label called "facePALM FICTION". The inspiration for the name derives specifically from our boundless fascination and respect for Quentin Tarantino and his masterful filmography. We created a lot of material under that label and also produced some comedy series for a major web portal known as WP.PL. Furthermore, I worked for ”KFD Nutrition” a large sport oriented company by not only doing some graphic design work but also by producing content for their youtube channel. I also worked with an advertising agency called "Vireo Media" on the production of corporate videos. And last but not least I have gained experience working as the camera operator assistant in the production of a series for one of the major television network.

    Now, living in London, I focus on freelance work and experiencing a new and invigorating environment which both inspires and creates opportunities.

    If you are interested in cooperation do not hesitate to contact me.