Camden x KPP “Cycling Watch”

    I’m very excited to present you my latest video project that I had a great pleasure to create for The Camden Watch Company! It is a mini documentary film about the design process of a very charming timepiece inspired by cycling and a vintage bicycle. I had a fantastic time working with the co-founder Anneke Short along with designer and cyclist Kitty Pemberton-Platt on telling the story about the process of creating the KPP edition. More videos about special edition watches coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Testing the Ronin S

    I had a great pleasure to test my brand new gimbal the famous Ronin S! I decided to make little “B-Roll Challange” in my back yard starring my mate Martino. I am very happy with that new piece of gear because it brings a whole lot options for my filmmaking. I cant wait to use it in the field!  More videos coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Chilè – Wasting Time (SOKOS Remix)

    I’m very excited to present you my latest project. Music video for the sick remix of “Chilè – Wasting Time” made by SOKOS extremely talented producer from Poland. I highly recommend to check out his music on soundcloud at “sokosmusic” it is a fantastic stuff indeed! Entire video was shot in one of the Londons grungy laundry rooms. In fact the footage used to create that video is unused material from the original music video that i made for the “Wasting Time” song. We added some VHS style glitches to set a different mood and match the character of the remix! I hope that you you are going to like the result!  More videos coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Chilè – The Rules (live video)

    Another clip i made for the song “The Rules” by Chilè band is finally out. This one was shot in a very cool coffee place in Hackney called “White Post Cafe”. I really liked the scenery and had a fantastic opportunity to play with lights! More videos coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Camden Watch Company Tutorials

    Here is some project that i had tons of fun making! A two tutorial videos for one of my favourite watch makers in the whole world “The Camden Watch Company”. Featuring victorian inspired timepieces designed in the heart of Londons Camden Town! The first video shows how to adjust the mesh bracelet and the second one explains how to change the watch straps. I love wristwatches, i love product photography and of course making videos so I really enjoyed that gig a lot! I hope you like the results and can not wait to show you more videos that i will make with them!   Stay Tuned!

Joulie Fox – Wild Heart

    I have been waiting for the premiere of this project for over a year! It is a music video for the song “Wild Heart” a debut single of Joulie Fox! Entire filming of this music video was made in just two hours because I wanted to catch the last rays of the sun before sunset. The location you see on the clip is the beach of a beautiful town called “El Medano” on the Canary island of Tenerife. This is one of my favorite places on earth. I wonder if you like the video if so you can let me know in the comments 🙂 Stay Tuned!

Chilè – Wasting Time

    I’m extremely pumped about this new music video release! It is the latest project i did with the amazing Chilè band. We have shot most of the video in Greece on the beautiful Korfu island. Big shout out to Tiana Jamieson, extremely talented dancer who starred in the clip! We had plenty of adventures and fantastic time making it. I hope that you are going to enjoy the end result! Stay Tuned!

Showreel (2012-2018)

    I am very excited to present you my brand new showreel. The montage contains my favourite shots from the projects in which I participated in the period from 2012 to 2018. All these gathered images recall so many wonderful memories. I hope you will like the end result. Enjoy!

Chilè – Rhythm of Joy

    I’m very happy to present you my brand new videoclip for the Chilè band again this time for their latest single “Rhythm of Joy”. The video was recorded at Londons Chinatown. Big shout out to wonderful dancers from London Contemporary Dance School who agreed to perform in the clip! I love shooting at night and working with neon lights. I hope you will like the outcome. Enjoy!